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Box Markers and Play Day

July 24th, 2012

Box markers will be set out on Saturday, August 11th.  We’ll meet at Signature Flight Support at KIXD around 8am and head out to the infield shortly after that.

There’s gonna be some flyin’.

The box will be open after the markers are set, and anyone wanting to get a sneak peak at the box is welcome to join us.

You’ll need to review the waiver and sign the box use form prior to participating.

View the entire airspace waiver by clicking Airspace Waiver 2011-2013 Kansas City Aerobatic Club. (4.2 mb PDF)

If you can volunteer for the Barnstormer, your help is greatly needed and appreciated.  Register online if you plan to compete OR volunteer.  This gives us a heads up on how many volunteers we have, as well as how many mouths to feed at the banquet!

Got Water?

We’re in need of donated bottled water!  If you find bottled water on sale and can make a donation to the contest, pick up a case (or two!) and bring it to the contest.

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