About IAC Chapter 15

We are a group of pilots and enthusiasts from Kansas and Missouri who love the art of flying, and are passionate about becoming the best pilots possible. If you are you interested in finding out what it’s like to fly competition aerobatics or just want to safely explore the outer envelopes of flight, please join us at a chapter meeting or one of our events.

In competition aerobatics, the key is precision in every aspect – timing, execution, and presentation. It is a constant learning process, all the way up to the National or World Champion.

Recreational aerobatic pilots are also interested in improving their skills, and while they aren’t as concerned with total precision with regard to execution of maneuvers, they are primarily concerned with safety and are better equipped to handle more varied situations than your average “straight & level” pilot.

The chapter meetings are usually held the third Monday of every month. For specific meeting and event times see the calendar or contact one of the chapter members.

We hold one aerobatic contest in the fall, The Harold Neumann Barnstormer. Our contest is normally held in September of each year.  We also maintain a respectable presence in many of the South-Central Regional contests.

Who was Harold Neumann? Read about Harold at EAA’s Timeless Voices of Aviation and his airplane Mr. Mulligan.

A Judge’s School is held every spring to teach new folks how to judge competition aerobatics and for those who are interested in learning about the sport (you need not be a competition pilot). The school also satisfies the re-certification of current judges.

Hope to see you at one of our events, soon!

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