Getting Started

IAC15 LogoA common question regarding aerobatics is “Where do I start?”

Great question.

IAC Chapter 15 is a great resource to get you started in aerobatics.  Whether you are looking to get into the sport, or are a private pilot looking to expand your experience beyond the normal pitch and roll attitudes, we can help you get started.

How to Get Involved

There are also ways for pilots and non-pilots to be involved as well.  IAC 15 holds several events every year that involve flying to an outlying airport for breakfast, chapter meetings, and practice days, and there are always open seats available in members airplanes if you’d like to participate.

Practice days are held about once a month during the flying season (late April through early November) which provide an opportunity for non-flying club members to gain some exposure to aerobatic flying.

An annual contest is held in the fall which brings in aerobatic pilots from all across the region.  Volunteers and judges are needed to help administer this contest, and the contest provides a great avenue to become immersed among aviation enthusiasts and aerobatic pilots.

Contact: IAC 15 at for more information.

Aerobatics Resources

Below are some great resources for getting started in aerobatics, or becoming familiar with the sport.

About the International Aerobatic Club
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Kansas City Resources

Learn to Fly at the Gardner Flight School

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