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Aircraft Re-Registration

May 16th, 2011

In a final ruling that became effective October 1st of 2010, the FAA has mandated that over the next three years, existing aircraft registrations will need to be renewed, and renewed again every subsequent three years.

The ruling (read it here) was put in to place in an effort to bring the aircraft registration database up to date, and to keep it current.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The FAA is providing a 3 month window to re-register
  • Deadline is based upon month aircraft was originally registered
  • FAA will notify owner via mail, 180 days prior to expiration date
    and at the end of the re-registration window if not re-registered
  • Aircraft failing to re-register or renew will ultimately be deregistered
  • Re-registration and renewal utilizes online system if no changes are to be made
  • Changes must be made utilizing a new form and submitted to FAA
  • AllĀ  aircraft applying for new registrations will be issued an expiring
    registration and required to renew every 3 years
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