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2012 Rule and Known Sequence Proposals

November 1st, 2011

IAC Logo Proposals are out for 2012 rules changes and known sequences.

There are 4 proposals for the ’12 Sportsman Known sequence, and 5 proposals for the ’12 Intermediate sequence.

Two proposed rule changes that would affect a number of our members:

  1. Add 500 ft. to the top of the box for Primary and Sportsman sequences.
  2. Require the first figure in the Primary known to be flown into the wind.

There are a couple other rule changes that may pique your interest as well:

  1. Specify a methodology for downgrading a change in radius for looping lines.
  2. Optionally removes the requirement for a competitor to wear a parachute if flying
    an aircraft with a ballistic recovery system.

The proposed knowns are interesting as well.  For those of you who flew the Sportsman in 2011, you remember there were two figures with 45 deg lines in the same line on the X axis.

This resulted in a number of competitors either taking a break or being penalized for an out on the upwind side of the box.

One of the proposed Sportsman knowns removes this characteristic of the sequence. There may be disadvantages as well.

EAA has a forum set up to officially comment on both the proposed sequences and rule changes.  Take a look at the proposals in the discussion on the Unusual Attitudes forum by clicking on this link:  Proposed Knowns and Rules for 2012

You may read many of the constructive comments on that thread, and provide your feedback in that forum as well.

Note: The Unusual Attitudes Forum will be the ONLY place for members to make official comment on these proposed rules and knowns.

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